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hello i just name is troy and im 20. ive been a fan of the series since it premierd on CN like most ppl lol. im a huge anime fan but this one is still in my top favs. i have cosplayed as future trunks both regular long haired(and i dyed my hair purple) and SSj. ive met many of the voice actors also here smy list parden me forgetting some of the actors names, im not good at remembering names.

Eric Vale-Teen/Future Trunks and various others
Chis Sabot(?) Vegeta, piccolo, various others
Sunny Straight (Sp?) Krillin and various others
Voice actress for Android 18
Voice actress of Bulma
Voice actress of Chibi Trunks
Voice actor for Evil Buu(also does yuske on yuyu hakisho)
Voice actor of Brolly

ya ive met eric and chris several times and its kewl cuz they remember me and we have talked alot. the first time we met the got me and my bros on their video recorder lol. all the voice actors are great. there all very nice and funny ppl. funimation may rape animes but the ppl who work for them are all kewl. as of right now my 2 new fav animes are Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist(i saw the first 3 eps subtitled b4 it was on CN)
im also a member of my colleges anime ya thats about it for now.
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