Henry (commigreensmurf) wrote in dragon_balls,

Dragon Ball- King of all anime

For the past 7 nights or so I've been setting aside 2 or 3 hours (usually directly after lights out) to watch Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z or GT, just the original Dragon Ball. See...sadly in most of America DBZ came out about a year before Dragon Ball came out, and even then they only felt it necessary to translate about 60 episodes in the past 4 years. This forced me to spend many an hour collecting the japanese episodes one by one, and in doing so i have come to the following conclusions: A) Dragon ball is WAY better than anything that came after it B) Whoever took out the naked shots of Bulma should be shot C) check B- he should be sat down told that if by your editing standards you are forced to either make an episode un-understandable or completely take it out- DON'T EDIT IT!!! then he should be shot.

It is anime like this that makes me seriously contemplate learning Japanese so that I can completely understand what is going on, also a little birdy told me before that the original comic is a lot better than what they turned it into in the show. However, sadly whenever i see or hear Japanese that thought is quickly cast aside.

Well thats my piece...carry on
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